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I started Bills-IT in 2006 and turned a life long hobby into a business.

My business has continuously grown as my customers pass my details to their friends and neighbours.

What is Bills-IT?

The aim of my business is to provide a comprehensive maintenance, upgrade and training service.

My computer upgrades and maintenance assume that your computer is typical and that you have all the software disks in good condition. If  I foresee any problems I will make that clear before we proceed. The are so many makes and models of computer available that is impossible to know for sure that upgrades will be compatible, but, for sure, you will not pay for any work unless it works entirely to your satisfaction.

Peace of Mind

To give peace of mind, all added components are from reliable manufactures with a good guarantee and if  I supply a part that fails, I replace it free of charge.

Older PC’s

or older PC’s I can sometimes offer second user parts to minimise the repair costs, if these fail I can offer either a replacement (if available) or a refund.


The training is especially suited for people who have little on no previous experience. I want to give a very clear package of products with very clear pricing and no surprises. Get Granny (or Grandpa) to send an e-mail is an aim.


I also offer business support to some small local businesses,  this varies with the particular needs but could include generation of spreadsheets, letters, managing data, mailing lists, webpage generation or update, or producing adverts or leaflets.

Why choose me

I have many competitors—so why should you choose me?

Because I have the balance of computer literacy and patience that will get you up and running fast

Because my prices are really competitive, enabling you affordable training and computer upgrades that you would not have considered in the past.

Because my aim is to give total satisfaction to all my customers. If anything goes wrong I put it right at no cost to you, or give you all your money back. I need you to feel good about my service and to tell others.

About my Business