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Bills-IT Home

The needs of businesses are varied so call me to discuss your particular needs. I can offer help on a one-off basis, a regular (i.e. month end) or regular times each week.

Depending on the volume and frequency of this work I can offer significant discounts on my normal fees, so please call to discuss—here are a few areas where I regularly contribute to small businesses:


Master documents like pro forma invoices or estimates, professional look to include logo and photos  

Management of documents like training documents, contracts, credit control—debt chasing etc etc.


Master spreadsheets to record customer details, or income and expenditure.

Regular calculations, i.e. materials and time estimates, or common costs can all be  included to make updates quick and easy.

Management of spreadsheets on a weekly or monthly basis could also include charts to show business progress etc.

Customer database Mail Shots

Use a list of customers for marketing purposes.

These are easily be assembled into a simple database which is then used to look at trends, or produce mailing lists etc.

Marketing photos and presentations

Reasonable quality leaflets, cards, letterheads. Produced from existing artwork or new photographs.

PowerPoint slide presentation or DVD to promote the business.

Small business support Popular with small businesses


I offer an affordable website design service.

Also regular updates to keep your website looking fresh and relevant