Computing for the terrified

Bills-IT Home

Improving an older PC

Do you have a cherished old PC

Ideal for e-mail or documents  

I can Supply and install larger hard-drive, DVD writer,  add a network card

Increase RAM  memory etc. to make it run really well

Getting the best from your PC

Computer not starting up

Get your computer up and running - sometimes it is really simple - and with no fix no fee policy you’ve got nothing to lose.

Clear Viruses

Clear out virus or spyware infections

Set up a wireless home network

Let  2 or 3  PC’s share a common Internet connection.

Set up optimal wireless conditions to get best signal strength around house

Configure printers and hard drives to be accessible from other PC’s

Set up a webcam

Use Skype to make free video calls to your friends, or keep up with your kids while they travel

Add TV/DVD/Surround sound

Turn your computer into your TV and HiFii - great if you are going to Uni and do not have a lot of space for separate items.

Fix Internet connection problems

Lost connection or frequent dropouts - let me check hardware and cabling and talk to your help desk if needed.

Improve Security

Install virus-checking software, Install spyware and adware detection software.


Hardware/software failures including slow start-ups or unresponsive programs

Back up of Files

Copy documents, photo’s, music files or e-mails onto  DVD’s or external hard drives  for safe keeping

Recovery of Operating system

This is necessary after some serious virus infections or other significant problems. The PC is returned to its factory condition and so usually ruins much faster.

The recovery, or operating system disc are usually required for this, although sometimes the recovery files are on a special part of the hard drive.

Upgrades and Maintenance